A cheap stress reduction remedy…

A pair of scissors, magazines, a glue stick and a piece of card; that’s it!

Don’t analyse… let go of intention… there is no right or wrong way to do this… it’s just for you… you don’t have to show anyone… tell your inner judge to take a walk for a while…

Now start cutting out images that appeal to you and/or those that just tweek your interest. Notice how you become more relaxed as you peruse your magazine and cut-out.

Remember to enjoy the process… let go of searching for meaning… and cut until you feel your tension dissolving.

Next step, glue all or some of your cut images to a piece of card… without any expectation, move them around  on your card… play with them a bit… until you get a sense of rightness…

Now notice how you are feeling.  More relaxed? Less tense? Less stressed?

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