Shifting the sedimentation…

I have been feeling stuck around a few things in my life. As I pondered about my ‘stuckness’ I came across the writings of Spinelli and Strasser…

 “… the worldview may either be open and flexible to its reconstitution or may resist restructuring and continue to maintain the existing structure’s experiential inadequacy or inconsistency. Those instances of structural inflexibility can be said to be sedimented. Worldview statements such as: ‘I can’t tolerate making mistakes’, ‘You must always trust others’, ‘Full moons generate temporary madness’ can all be examples of sedimentation if they remain fixed, or inflexible, to those lived experiences that amend or contradict the sedimentation. In order to achieve their inflexibility, sedimentations must override any experientially derived challenge that is construed as threatening or destabilising of their certainty, security and fixedness. On reflection, without sedimentation the primary constructs that make up the worldview – the self-, other- and world-constructs – could not be construed or defined as (relatively) fixed and permanent essences. How sedimentation occurs currently remains an open question, whether considered from the perspective of philosophical, psychological or neurobiological investigation. That sedimentation occurs, on the other hand, is evident (Spinelli, 2015, p.74).”

“Sediment may be described as ‘the matter that settles at the bottom of a liquid, but by continuously stirring, we can move it. Some values can become very rigid; these may be called rigidly sedimented. Sedimentations can be sometimes positive but when they become too rigid, they may cause problems in life. Yet, sedimentations can in theory always be shifted …” (Spinelli, 1989), even though sometimes it takes longer and a great deal of effort (Strasser, 1999, p.15).”

… so I focused on how my ‘stuckness’ felt. Then choosing colours and patterns that reflected my embodied sedimentation, I cut, ripped and glued strips of paper from magazines onto a piece of card. As I moved the representations of my sedimentation into place, I noticed at first I felt agitated. By the time I finished my representation (see below) I felt quite peaceful, somehow less restricted. When I think now of the things I want to change, I feel more spacious inside, as if something has shifted and changing isn’t so onerous.

IMG_1212R. Davis. ‘Sediment’. 2018. Collage.

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