Accessing the not quite known…

The inquirer explains how her “murky brown” shape has ‘sprouted’ and her excitement is evident as she stands up with her hand on her heart explaining her emerging meaning. She says she is surprised by the “feeling inside’… like something I know but don’t know”. Moon (2007) suggests that when an inquirer creates art they access many layers of meaning at both the conscious and unconscious levels.


I ask the inquirer what is happening for her now. She says she is feeling quite relaxed and ‘excited about what’s unfolding‘. I ask her about the unfolding.  She says she feels a ‘knowing’ in her body but can’t quite identify it yet.

We sit in silence for a while and as we share our embodied responses to her emergent artwork, I ask “Does this image have a name”?  “Growth” she replies “… yes, that’s it… it’s a growing need for a creative life”.